Welcome to F00L.DE


f00ls bl0g - the bl0g for f00ls only

pcapfix - repair corrupted pcap and pcapng files

smartplot - plot S.M.A.R.T. HDD information

netmate - displays network protocol headers in uniform RFC like format

hacking tools - useful stuff to solve CTF challenges

HTTPtunnel (digest authentication) - tunnel your packets through HTTP traffic using digest authentication on proxy side


coreDNS.de - Domain Name Service providing DynDNS, DNSSEC and NS-Server for your domains

TempMail.de - Temporary, disposable, anonymous email address

WebSSH.de - Full SSH console access using secure web connection

CryptME.de - Secure way to communicate with respect of privacy and integrity

KeySRV.de - A verifying public PGP keyserver


genmenu - X window manager menu generator

linu-X-files - collection of useful linux files

linux pictures - linux pictures and screenshots


delphi programming - delphi program list (including source code)

perl programming - selfmade perl scripts

rendering - collection of blender and povray examples

turbo pascal programming - turbo pascal source codes


soldat server statistics generator - a statistic generator for soldat.pl computer game

realtimebattle - selfmade realtimebattle robots

WOW translator - world of warcraft translator


Datenschutzerklaerung - Privacy policy of F00L.DE

Impressum - Legal notice of F00L.DE